Beliefs of the Ayahuasca Churches for Retreats

Every religious group has beliefs, values and practices that to be strictly followed, and so is the Ayahuasca church. The members of the church are always expected to follow and religiously observe the beliefs and uphold the values that are given by the organisation. Their beliefs usually sustain and help them to maintain their faith. If you want to learn or join the church, there are some of the beliefs and practices that you need to know. This knowledge will help you be in the right track even as you attend the retreats that they organise. Study more about Ayahuasca retreat here:


One aspect of the ayahuasca beliefs is that you have to maintain a certain level of spirituality. Every member who goes to the retreat is expected to learn on how they can get the best out of the spiritual therapy that is usually given. That is the best way to learn, and once you learn, you can be considered spiritual if you keep observing your lessons. It is also important to ensure that you get the right lessons especially if you are a new member or it is your first time to attend the Ayahuasca therapy. Spirituality is held in high regards I need the ayahuasca retreats and church, and you need to do your best to be in line with this belief, which has to be practised.


The church of ayahuasca believe that there are foodstuffs that are healthy and acceptable, while others should not be consumed at Al by any member. The diet at the ayahuasca retreats has to be observed and maintained throughout the retreat session, since you will be provided with the meals. Once you are at the place, you need to ensure that you get to understand the diet and what is expected of you. Dieting in the retreat is a virtue that has to be maintained throughout as it is one of the values of ayahuasca church.


Once you set foot on the ayahuasca retreats, be ready for cleansing. The process if cleansing, according to the beliefs of ayahuasca church, involves the cleaning of both external and internal parts of a human being. They also believe that the cleansing leads to purging, and everyone should get involved in the process. 

Once you have mastered these beliefs and values, you will enjoy your stay at the retreat, and at the end of it all, you will learn a lot about the ayahuasca church and retreats.

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